Virtual Princess Birthday Party

My little princess turned 3 a few weeks ago. Layla wanted a Rapunzel birthday party so we had a virtual one-on-one party with Princess Rapunzel and it was so cute and memorable.

Her dolls and sister attended her party and Princess Rapunzel attended the party virtually! It was a 30 minute one-on-one session with Princess Rapunzel from @ever_after_princess on Instagram. Princess Rapunzel told them her story, had sing-along songs from her movie, played games and sang happy birthday to Layla. Layla was so excited and was giggling all night.

As for the cake, I made it with fondant and I was really happy with the way it turned out. Layla was so excited and couldn’t wait to eat it! She loves fondant! So a Rapunzel fondant cake was a big hit!

Cake cutting with her big sister and daddy.

Every year I make a personality time capsule for the girls. It’s so much fun creating it and recording their likes and to see how their interests evolve from the previous year. My favourite part of her time capsule this year is, when I asked Layla what she would like to be when she grows up she said a princess. We love you so much baby girl.


Backyard Quarantine Birthday Party

It’s my baby girl’s 7th birthday. This year, due to quarantine, it was just us with her grandparents and aunts and uncles but we are hoping to have a bigger party with her cousins and friends in a couple of weeks. I wanted her birthday to be special and we were lucky to have beautiful weather to make it a memorable evening.

A few days ago, I asked Layan what type of cake she wanted, she said an Orca cake! So Layan and Layla baked a cake, I used buttercream to add a wave effect and hubby made an orca with fondant. She loved it!

The set up turned out great. I re-used the balloon garland I made a few weeks ago and added a few blue balloons. We decided on an Ocean-themed party. The balloon garland was supposed to be the coral with the table set up as “under the sea.”

The popcorn machine and snow cone machine were a big hit and it was great for a hot summery day! My mom made appetizers and cute cupcakes and I used the girls bath toys to decorate the table. Everything turned out great!

I have a chalkboard I use every year for the girls’ birthdays. It’s so easy to do and it’s such a great way to show what the girls’ like and to describe their ever-changing personality.

Cutting cake and blowing candles was so much fun! It was so windy so it took us a while to keep the candles lit but it worked after a few attempts. It’s so worth it to capture these moments. We love you baby girl, hope you had a memorable birthday!

Celebrating Ramadan 2020

I wanted my girls to understand the significance of Ramadan this year but they are so young (3 years old and 6 years old) so I wanted to make it as fun and as interactive as I can to ensure they embraced the holy month. We started off the month by reading one of our favourite stories, “It’s Ramadan, Curious George.”

Ramadan is the holy month where Muslims fast and pray to be closer to God. It’s also a time to celebrate and to have dinners with families. Unfortunately, this year we couldn’t be part of family gatherings due to COV-ID 19 so it was even more important for my girls look to forward to this month and for it to be highly celebrated in our home.

We decorated a corner of our family room to signify the importance of Ramadan. It was fun creating this space with the girls and having them help me throughout the process. Our theme was floral.

We made an Eid tree this year! My hubby carved a crescent moon and made a stand. I bought a bunch of branches from Dollarama and used a glue gun to attach it to the tree. Then the girls painted the stand gold and added string lights as a final touch! It was a beautiful small project that we are all so proud of! The idea was for the girls to wake up on Eid and to run down and open their presents under the Eid tree.

I found a cute floral advent calendar template on to print out. By the way, is an amazing website with lots of free printables. I highly recommend checking them out.  I put two small chocolates in each pouch and that was part of our countdown to EID.

I bought blank floral cards from Micheal’s and each card had a lesson about Islam and a riddle to find a small treasure somewhere around the house.

The treasures were small. I found things from Dollarama and party favours from Party City. The girls looked forward to this part of the day excitedly. I know the little treasure was the big motivator but it made them enjoy Ramadan and to understand that as a Muslim it’s a significant part of our life. They haven’t experienced fasting yet but being so young, I wanted to instill the importance of Ramadan so as they grow older, they have fond memories and look forward to it yearly.

The last couple of days before Eid we started prepping for our at-home Eid party. We baked cookies and cakes, cleaned up, put up our Eid banner and made a summer-y balloon garland. The girls were so excited for EID.

Their treasure the day before EID was a tad bigger. It was new bedding for their bunk beds and new Islamic children’s stories to read at bedtime. There was so much excitement to make their beds and tuck in that night to read their stories. I highly recommend the books, Prophet Muhammad and the Crying Camel by Saadah Taib and Allah Made Everything by Zain Bhikha.

The night before Eid, I prepped a sugar-fest breakfast, wrapped and set-up presents from under our Eid tree. I decorated the table and laid out the cookies, cakes, cake pops and placed sliced fruits in the fridge so that the next morning, I’d only have to make waffles and enjoy the morning with the girls.

It was a lot of planning and dedication but their little faces were so worth it. Eid morning was exactly as I envisioned. The girls showered, got dressed in their new clothes and came downstairs. They were so excited to see all their presents under their Eid tree. Their happiness melted my heart. 

As we opened presents and played with all our new toys, we had a scrumptious breakfast. We ate all day and played with new gadgets. The girls had so much fun that they didn’t want the day to end.

We were so busy on Eid that we forgot to cut our Eid cake. The following day, carrying on with our celebrations, we had a mini tea party after dinner, cut the cake and went out to deliver treats to our relatives.

Despite missing a major aspect of Eid, which is family gatherings and sharing meals, this was our best Eid yet and we have so many years ahead to make it more exciting and memorable. I have saved all my daily Eid lessons and riddles from my Instagram stories as a highlight. Feel free to get ideas.


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