Unicorn, sparkles and rainbows birthday party

And just like that my little girl, Layla, turned 4 years old! I absolutely love planning my girls’ birthday parties and go all out!

Layla is the definition of sugar and spice and everything nice. She’s the little girl that loves playing dress up with matching hair pins and shoes every single day. She can play with dolls and unicorns on a daily basis. It became part of our bedtime routine to read our favourite bedtime story, “Squishy Squash Unicorn.” Then we talk about how we will dream about flying unicorns high up in the sky and sliding down the rainbow into the puffy cotton candy cloud. She was so excited for her unicorn themed Covid-19 birthday party.

Another covid-style birthday party

It was a second year in a row that I was having a Covid-19 birthday party for her and we were all a little disappointed. I wanted her to have a party with lots of cousins and friends but unfortunately we couldn’t because of the lockdown. I decided I would try my best to make this day as special and as magical as I can.

I ordered a pastel balloon garland from Amazon and added a unicorn banner behind the balloons. I also ordered a big rose gold number four balloon and pink and gold confetti balloons to add to the bunch. To top it off, we had a huge gliding unicorn and a signing unicorn helium balloon. The space looked so magical, especially for a little girl that loves unicorns. I brought up the girls white rainbow rug from their playroom and used their white small table for the cake and cupcakes.

It’s become a tradition for me to make the girls a homemade themed birthday cake. This year, my mom helped me by baking the cake and cupcakes and we decorated them together. It looked beautiful. I also made unicorn sugar cookies on popsicle sticks, which was a fun breakfast treat for the birthday girl.

Home made Unicorn cake, cupcakes and sugar cookies.

I used the girls princess tea cart to display the unicorn and rainbow inspired plates and cups. Everything was pastel coloured and fit the theme well.

I also made sure the birthday chalkboard was also unicorn inspired! It’s become such a fun part of our birthday traditions. Layla woke up bright and early and was so excited to open her gifts! She enjoyed unwrapping everything and playing with her big sister, Layan.

When Layla was born, during her first birthday, we decided to give our older daughter, Layan a small present so she doesn’t feel left out on her sister’s birthday. It’s become a yearly thing and now they both receive a small present on their siblings’ birthday. It’s incredibly sweet of their grandparents and aunts and uncles to also take part with the extra gifts! Lucky girls right?!

The day was beautiful. It was sunny and we were able to snap a few pictures outside.

Layla was also fortunate to have a few family members pop by to say happy birthday. She was thrilled! To end the day, the ice cream truck came around at 7:30pm and stopped right in front of our home! Of course, both girls had ice cream bars before bedtime!

The night ended with Layla saying to me before she fell asleep “mommy this was the best day ever!” It felt so nice to hear her say that! She felt all the love and magic around her. She had big smiles and giggles the entire day. We love you so much baby girl!

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