Mid-summer stay at Fairmont Chateau Frontenac.

Le Chateau Frontenac was perfect. It was romantic, enchanting and the epitome of grandeur and the level of sophistication and service created the magical experience perfect for my two young girls, ages 4 and 8.

Lobby of Le Chateau Frontenac

Our room was exquisite. It was a spacious, high level room with a breathtaking view of the courtyard. It was a comfortable setting for my husband and I and our little girls.

We started our adventure by exploring the chateau. It is known as a national historic site of Canada. We roamed around the hotel and saw the artifacts from 100 years ago. The Chateau was built in the late 19th century and has welcomed many prestigious guests including King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Artifacts from as early as the 1600s

In the afternoon, we dipped into the pool. It was a roof top, indoor pool with an open terrace. It was a heated pool with a kiddie pool and a jacuzzi. My girls had an amazing time. My hubby and I were impressed at the family friendly atmosphere. There was accessible life jackets for kids, swimming toys and floating devices. The mini plush fairmont robes was adorable!

In the evening, we ate at a nearby restaurant and strolled along the Dufferin Terrace and enjoyed complimentary gelato from Le Chateau. It was a sweet treat to end the night.

Fairmont Frontenac

We had breakfast at The Dufferin Restaurant with views of St Lawrence River both days. It was so delicious! We decided to order two chateau premium breakfast and shared with our little girls. We were started with warm brioche bread, citrus whipped butter balls and homemade jam. It was followed with Greek yogurt parfait, berry compote, nuts and granola. Next up was a platter with black bread, cheese mousse, smoked salmon, cherry tomato and cheddar salsa. Then, there was the main course, my hubby had an omelette with cheese and mushrooms and beans, potatoes, toast and fruits. My main course was a serving of three Belgian waffles served with bananas, chocolate garnish and praline nuts.

The girls enjoyed doing a scavenger hunt in the castle! They scurried around in the halls of the ground level and looked for clues to solve the secret word. They had so much fun and were so excited to receive a treasure from the chest.

Saint-Louis Forts and Chateaux National Historic Site is below the Dufferin Terrace which is right behind Le Chateau Frontenac. We did the tour to see the ruins from the 1600s and the archives that are stored. My older daughter loves learning about history and we always trying to find ways to encourage it. She had fun exploring beneath Le Chateau and seeing the antiques. We usually make up imaginative stories or exaggerated stories to keep our younger daughter entertained.

After our short excursion, we came to our room to change into our swimming clothes and found the sweetest surprise! We were celebrating our anniversary and my sweet sister collaborated with the hotel to arrange a surprise treat! Sparkling water, a family picture in a beautiful silver frame, two fairmont chocolate bars, two packs of gummies, a pack of cards and a souvenir book about Fairmont Frontenac.

My family absolutely enjoyed our stay. It was enchanting enough for an anniversary and entertaining for my little girls. I was so impressed with the kid friend activities accessible for the girls. There was also a game room for the girls.

I liked the fact that Le Chateau Frontenac is located in the heart of Old Quebec. In our two day stay we were able roam around the streets and see a lot of picturesque places that were all walking distance with two little girls. We explored the souvenir shops, ate gelato and enjoyed crepes at a cute small cafe.

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