All About Me

Hello! I am Safiah, a mommy to two cute little dolls and a wifey to a very loving hubby! I have been contemplating for a while to start a blog but life has always been so fast paced that to sit and get started seemed impossible. Now the world is on lock-down, everyone is at home and I thought this is the best time to start this journey.

Six years ago, my little Layan made me a mommy and it changed my world forever. Layan is the most gentle, kind hearted, sweet little girl that loves playing basketball. Four years after, we welcomed our second little girl, Layla to the pact. Layla is a fiesty, chatty, girlie-girl that loves dressing up in Princess dresses. These two little girls are almost four years apart, but they are inseparable and it literally melts my heart watching them together.

We are also crazily obsessed with Disney! We go to Florida every year to meet Mickey! We love watching Disney movies, have disney-themed birthday parties for our girls and love using disney as part of our girls’ fashion and home.

Being a mommy is not easy, some days I cry, some days I laugh, some days I am so exhausted that I can’t wait to curl up in bed and watch a movie (I won’t even make it through half a movie) but I won’t trade being a mommy for anything in this world. It is the most rewarding gift.

Through my blog, you will learn about my journey through motherhood. I will share easy, cost efficient craft ideas, fun holiday activities, birthday party planning and anything else we do together!

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