Backyard Quarantine Birthday Party

It’s my baby girl’s 7th birthday. This year, due to quarantine, it was just us with her grandparents and aunts and uncles but we are hoping to have a bigger party with her cousins and friends in a couple of weeks. I wanted her birthday to be special and we were lucky to have beautiful weather to make it a memorable evening.

A few days ago, I asked Layan what type of cake she wanted, she said an Orca cake! So Layan and Layla baked a cake, I used buttercream to add a wave effect and hubby made an orca with fondant. She loved it!

The set up turned out great. I re-used the balloon garland I made a few weeks ago and added a few blue balloons. We decided on an Ocean-themed party. The balloon garland was supposed to be the coral with the table set up as “under the sea.”

The popcorn machine and snow cone machine were a big hit and it was great for a hot summery day! My mom made appetizers and cute cupcakes and I used the girls bath toys to decorate the table. Everything turned out great!

I have a chalkboard I use every year for the girls’ birthdays. It’s so easy to do and it’s such a great way to show what the girls’ like and to describe their ever-changing personality.

Cutting cake and blowing candles was so much fun! It was so windy so it took us a while to keep the candles lit but it worked after a few attempts. It’s so worth it to capture these moments. We love you baby girl, hope you had a memorable birthday!

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